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‘Slip inside now, watch me fall and watch me flow
‘Cause we are changing structure
So kill the light and watch me glow’


Well once again I managed to pull it off at the last second, literally! I finished up around noonish, got over to the school and did a bunch of repairs on stuff that had broken or come loose. Once I got it up and running people really responded well to it!

My crit went a lot better than I imagined, so I am very relieved for that! I did some touring out in public and no-one even even gave me much notice other than the occasional look and stare! I have a few corrections and fixes to do in preparation for the big show on Thursday!

What a day! Once again I was late to the show, doing some last minute fixes and trying to get my show cards printed. So I showed up late, but everything was working well and I had a steady stream of curiosity seekers and people wanting to show their friends and folks. Kent managed to come out to the show and got some pictures and got to see how everything worked, he seemed very impressed with how it all turned out so I am glad he came out!

The afterparty however kind of went bust after the liquor permit got revoked, everyone split up all over, so I went around to a few different places. Got some great reactions though!


Today was alright, I had some big problems with some really crappy battery clips, I did some short talks to school tours and mostly just hung out and took a bit of documentation footage. I also participated in a few things going on through the day like The Darcys Recording some tracks for a new song (I think) and taking part in a lecture by Georg Janick, a philosophy professor in Boston over Second Life. I actually called the professor through my project and spoke to his very confused wife, who I mistook for his office assistant. I grabbed some fresh few components for tomorrow’s show, I have a few people coming so I want everything to be a nice and perfect!


Today went very nicely! All my circuits were working fine, the speakers were being a little fussy and some of the Cool Neon has a pinch or something in it, but otherwise it was a smooth day! I had a pretty steady stream of demos an stuff through the day, I got to talk to Wes’ Mom from the Darcys among all sort of other family and friends!

My folks came in to town to see the show and I had some friends swing by to check it out and everyone really enjoyed the show! I have been wearing my project out at night going drinking and stuff and I have gotten a lot of good interest from people on the street as well! Now it’s time to get some rest, edit through my documentation and get that ready to submit and send it around with thank yous to everyone who helped make this project possible


I am really cutting it close once again! Even when you plan to be done weeks in advance, you still find yourself scrambling the night before!

So I sent out a few invites/notices and reminders, I am trying to wrap up all the wiring and everything that I need to take care of. I finally got to see the jacket tonight and am I ever excited! Adrienne has done an spectacular job, I am so glad I managed to get her on board for this project!

I’ll post some pictures later, for now I have another long sleepless night ahead of me.

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