Winter Break

Posted by BMadmin on Monday Dec 10, 2007 Under Uncategorized

I have finished out my exams and such, so I have a chance to dedicate some time to my project and make some serious progress. I really have no time to waste with this project and I can already feel time slipping away.

First I talked to Kent about my project and the feedback I got. We talked about moving away from Cyberpunk and more towards Daft Punk; re-designing the headpiece and making contact with a relative of his that works or has developed this type of Kevlar material, maybe I can use instead of Leather.

I have to find find my fashion designer soon, so I can start working on making plans on that front. The other big issue is scraping together the money to buy my equipment and supplies. Things have been pretty tight lately, hopefully OSAP will come quickly next year!

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