Week 7 – Running Mann

Posted by BMadmin on Tuesday Oct 16, 2007 Under Uncategorized

I posted my Proposal on Friday

I’m still trying to set up a meeting with Steve Mann, with not very much luck so far 🙁
I’ve got a few more leads to try, a lot of people know him, but he’s a hard guy to get ahold of! Hopefully one of them comes through and I can interview him for my Artist Interview.

I met with Steve Daniels today and got some really good input about my project and how I should start going about my prototyping, etc. He also told me to consider how this project would go off as a performative piece since I am interacting with people socially. I also have to consider more deeply why I want to include both musical and communication components of the project.

I also met wit Deb Fels and got to see some of the interesting stuff she is working on for deaf people. She also forwarded me to a guy by the name of Thad Starner who does Cyborg work down at Georgia Tech. So I’ve sent an e-mail down to him as well to get some possible feedback from him as well.

Lastly I hit on the idea of making my wearable look and work sort of similar to Soundwave from Transformers

I think it would be kind of cool to integrate the old tape ejector style into a holding place for an mp3 player.