The Plan:To make a wearable, mobile technology outfit. Or in short, to become a cyborg.

The Reason: From my observations mobile technology (like Ipods and Bluetooth Earpieces, etc.) has lead to people becoming more isolated in public situations.

Over the summer I went to a Daft Punk concert wearing my T-Qualizer t-shirt and people went crazy for it! One stranger bought be a beer, a young asian girl on ecstasy came up and started touching my shirt and smiling at me and lots and lots of people came up to ask me where I got the shirt, how much they loved it, etc.

So my plan is to make some wearable mobile technology that would encourage people to interact with me and vice versa.

Possible Components:

  • Partial Face Mask with Voice Modulator
  • Metallic Left Arm for Power Storage
  • Vest or Webbing for LED or LCD displays
  • Audio Input/Output
  • Electroluminescent Fiber