STÆTIM – Fourth Year New Media Festival



Press and Media:

Brave New World, Brave New Media – The Eyeopener

Exhibition: Staetim: Fourth Year New Media Festival – Toronto Craft Alert

Show Cards by Scott Clifford

Self Evaluation:

I am very satisfied with the way my project turned out for the show, With so many things that could have gone wrong, it was perhaps by luck that everything worked well for the three day show (more or less). The response from the audience was overwhelming, there was a steady stream of people who wanted to see my project, call my phone or call someone through my project.

I am very thankful for all the support I got from Kent and Adrienne and Mark, these three more than anyone really help pull this project along. They were there not only to help out, but to lend ideas and give support. I am both pleased and proud to have worked with them.

In the next while I will be applying to various shows and to continue to improve this project, which I believe is more of a working prototype than perhaps a 100% polished piece. There is a lot of wiring to clean up, small bugs to work out and overall upgrade the quality of work.

I plan to continue persuing wearable technology, both gadget hacking and working with cool neon to make interesting outfits for clubs and nightwear. There is a growing interest in wearable technologies and I am really excited to be on the ground floor making my own things at the same time big companies and specialty stores are releasing theirs.