Week 14 – Back in Action

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I’m back from a very refreshing break! I did a little work on my project, but not too much. I definitely have a lot to do still and not much time to do it in. I find myself not even knowing where to start sometimes and I’m a little scared by the enormous amount of pressure there is to get this project completed. Thankfully my OSAP has come through quickly and I won’t have to be worrying about money for the next little while.

The big news is I have found a wonderfully talented Fashion Designer named Adrienne Baker.I met with her over the break and really look forward to working with her in the coming weeks to get the fashion part off the ground. Adrienne is working on a few different movie and TV series at the moment as well as a few projects for fashion students. One of her bosses has inquired about using my project for thier TV series Team Epic!!! They are also interested in possibly having Kent work on thier comic book tie in, so that is some crazy good news right there!

I’ve also gone back with Kent the illustrator to start from scratch on a design that is more streamlined and full body back and front so that Adrienne can plan out the patterns.

I am just trying to sort out all the technical details right now, which seems to be a little tricky. I think I can wire up a simple electronic switch to turn on/off the Cool Neon when the phone is ‘in use’ by way of the Bluetooth device I have bought. I am still trying to figure out if an external keypad exists for cellphones, I came across this Bluetooth keypad online but it doesn’t seem to be in production yet.

For the next few weeks I really need to get all the basic technical components working, my Work in Progress presentation is on the 25th!

edit: This week I ordered more Cool Neon, I’ve also found a few resources for conductive threads. Here is a list of different companies/suppliers. This company is Canadian  and is used in this outfit

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Week 15 – No Time to Chill

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So this week I dropped off a cheque to Adrienne as a down payment on the project and so she can cover any material costs that come up. Kent will be re-illustrating and re-working some of the earlier sketches, to give a complete look at the project. I forgot to post our revision of the helmet last week, something I was inspired by when watching the Seven Samurai

vlcsnap-13954464.pngRevised Helmet

So today I got the first full-body draft of a complete outfit, of course things will be changing as we go through all the parts and see what works and what won’t.

nmp-7-ffv.jpg nmp-7-bv.jpg

I have to say though I really like what I am seeing, I just have to be more consideration of practical issues and functionality purposes.

Mark the technical advisor and I have started trying to sort out some of the technical issues related to the project. I have to try and find a very tiny star head screwdriver to disassemble the bluetooth earpiece. I think we will attempt to hack the Sony Ericsson K510a since it will disassemble a little easier than the other phone Sony Ericsson sent me. I also have to get the phone unlocked since it is currently locked to FIDO only. He also showed me this cool site called Pinouts.ru that had pinouts for Sony Ericsson phones.

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Week 16 – Prototype Week

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Well I’m due to present a prototype of my project this Friday, I am probably nowhere near ready so I am going to have to fake some of it.

I finally managed to find a Torx Screwdriver that I can use to disassemble my phone with so that should go along fairly well, I did some tests earlier and I think I sort of have an idea how the keypad works.

I have been working with Mark on getting my circuits set-up to test, but I’ve been caught a few times unprepared and that has set me back 🙁

circuit.jpgCircuit Diagram Step 1Step 1imga0109.JPGStep 2

Oh also Lila told me I should check out Susan Kozel, she seems to be doing some interesting work with wearable electronics in an exhibition/performance space. Lila gave me a full copy of this article today and holy crap is it ever good! I am thinking of re-writing or altering my proposal and thesis to include some of this material.


I forgot a fundamental issue with cellphones and speakers! they don’t mix! AAAaaagghhh! I did a test and the concept works, I just need to get a pair of special speakers so there is no interference. My presentation is probably going to be a complete shitshow as one of my classmates described theirs.

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