Week 8 – Great Week!

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I was so busy last week that I didn’t really have time to update the ole’ project blog. First and Foremost is I finally got a hold of Steve Mann!!!

From: Steve Mann
Date: October 23, 2007 3:51:39 PM EDT (CA)
Subject: Cyborg; Intelligent Image Processing, etc..

Thank you for your interest in my work and writings
(it’s great that you found Cyborg to be of interest;
there’s some metadata in http://wearcam.org/cyborg.htm)

In reference to Kodak Lecture series… I gave a Kodak
Lecture at Ryerson some years ago (I’m not sure if
there’s any video of the lecture around Ryerson, but
maybe you can find it if there is…).

Since you’re also looking at specific implementation
details you might find my other book,
to be of interest as well…

Additionally, Google search on “sousveillance”
will give you some updates on recent work on
surveillance and sousveillance and the relation
between them, etc..

You might also want to join our community of more
than 20,000 “cyborgs” at http://glogger.mobi

Easiest way, if you don’t have a wearable cameraphone
(EyeTap, http://eyetap.org) yet is to join using a
standard hand-held cameraphone, so you get an idea
what the lifestyle is like, etc..

There’s various other papers, like:

which may be of interest.

Maybe we can do an interview over ‘glogger (over cyborgspace),
as participation in ‘glogger is a new and interesting way
of interacting.

Quite different from a phone interview;
more existential in some sense.

Another good contact at Rye is ANV (Anastasios
Venetsanopoulos). He’s a real genius polymath
type, with a strong interest in imaging as well
as fine-arts and fundamental philosophical
questions in the fine-arts.

Best regards,

So that was really exciting, I then went on to set-up a meeting with Steve
I’m away, and I’ll also soon be away from email (unreachable)
but I’ll still be checking my ‘glog (http://glogger.mobi)
so you can continue to reach me through the ‘glog.

Meanwhile, if you need to interview someone immediately,
Raymond Lo, one of my students, might be able to be
interviewed and could explain ‘glogger and our cyborglogging

Best regards,

So yeah, that’s about where I am with that. I am trying to set up a meeting with Raymond and see where I can go from there. I will have to draw up a list of questions and hopefully between Raymond and Steve I can get enough ideas and experience to move forward with my project and presentation.

Secondly as just as exciting was that on Wednesday I met with my Artist/Illustrator friend Kent Burles. He has worked on a number of Sci-fi and Fantasy roleplaying games and he is helping me visualize my project with some illustrations. We talked about what my project is about, how it works and the influences behind it. He will be a great addition to add the element of fantasy into my project, whereas other sources have been mostly mainly artistic and scientific.

I can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

I also met with Lila and she thought my Proposal was fairly well done, just that I should update it with more positive language and make a few corrections.

So overall a very productive week! I want to get rolling on my Prototype soon, so hopefully Sony-Ericsson will come through with a few phones I can have to experiment with. I have been in touch with the Ericsson Montreal office and they have put me in touch with the Sony-Ericsson office here in Toronto.