Week 11

Posted by BMadmin on Monday Nov 19, 2007 Under Uncategorized

I’ve been working hard behind the scenes

I put in my order for 20ft. of Blue Cool Neon, I hope it shows up before my presentation, that would be awesome! I’ve figured out the details for a cell phone plan, I just have to get my materials together to get my prototype. I’ve been slightly delayed because it is coming to the end of the month and I am also having to consider paying my rent.

I got a revised sketch from Kent Burles as well!
Revised Sketch 1

I should also like to take a moment to mention Troy Hurtubise an amazing Canadian doing all sort of interesting things in the wearable technology and beyond! I think I can learn a few things from his Trojan suit and perhaps apply it to my own work.

In addition my classmate Andre told me about the Lily Pad which sounds like it has alot of potential for integration depending on the amount of time I have!