Week 4 Updates

Posted by BMadmin on Tuesday Sep 25, 2007 Under Uncategorized

Good News! Today my Project got Green Lighted!

Last week I sent out a mass e-mail to the students in the Fashion school and I got a couple of replies. I’ve met with a couple of the student and discussed what I am looking for and what possible collaboration we could accomplish. I’m just waiting to hear back from them to see if this will be possible.

From my experience and research I belive we are really on the cusp of a huge explosion into wearable technology as both fashion and function. Some articles that come to mind are:
Interactive Billboard
The Invisibility Cloak
Photonic Textiles

I have been reading more about Wearable Computers and have found some interesting articles. I have also been making my way through Steve Mann’s book ‘Cyborg’ when I have time to get some ideas and inspirations.