Audience Experience

Summary: A wearable mobile electronics outfit that encourages direct public social interaction and challenges the established conventions of public and private communication.

It is my plan to integrate these mobile technologies in such a way that I, in essence “become the medium.” I am interested to see if people are willing to have the same interactions with me as they are with their personal devices in public.

I am interested in exploring the social implications of wearable technology and the novelty of its emergence into mainstream society. This includes the aesthetic presentation of the wearable devices and the integration with fashion textiles.

Audience Experience: Since my project is a combination of performative and gadget hacking, I envision most of my interaction to occur in two ways.

I come in peace

The first is casual encounters with interested individuals in public or semi-public domains, I think since it is something visually unique some people will be inquisitive enough to approach and find out more about the project.

The second is demonstrations to known acquaintances and casual daily personal use of the project. I think by donning the project for an extended period of time will garner more exposure and experimentation, thus providing more data and documentation for the project.

Project Information

Hardware, I only require the following,

  • 1 Computer station, for displaying documentation
  • 1 small table, to accompany station and for auxiliary documentation
  • 1 chair, for sitting on

Sound level will be around a 5 or 6

Lighting conditions are not of great concern, enough light to view project documentation.


As my project is mobile, I am not restricted to one single location. I simply require a base of operations to display my documentation, contact information and a place to rest.

Site Recommendations

  • Main Foyer (1st Floor)
  • 3rd Floor Hallway (Near Offices)
  • Main Stairwell (3rd Floor)