STÆTIM – Post Show

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Thank You!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has been involved in my project and who has helped me along the way:

  • Kent Burles, of course who has been a dedicated part of this project from the start and has pulled through for me a number of times!
  • Adrienne Baker, for sticking with the project and coming through with a fantastic jacket!
  • My Thesis Advisors, Lila, Kathleen, Dave and Mark
  • Ira Nayman, for helping me get started
  • James Fung and Raymond Lo from U of T, introducing me to Glogger and Steve Mann’s work
  • Hans Jarne and Ed Hutchinson from Ericsson and Sony-Ericsson for getting me the phones!
  • Josh at Cool Neon for helping me figure out what supplies I needed and fixing the small shipping error
  • Scott Clifford for designing my show cards
  • Tok for taking some great documentation video and photos, getting my show cards printed and helping me get to the show!

Thank you to all my friends and family who have been there to support me through the course of the project and of course my classmates who really pulled out all the stops and helped to put together an amazing show!

Now that the show is over I have been very inspired and encouraged by the work that has been done. I think that maybe yes, I could go forward making interesting gadgets and such as art and could be successful. Right now I am just getting all my ideas out and written down so that when I have some more time I can maybe get to it!