Week 17 & 18

Posted by BMadmin on Monday Feb 4, 2008 Under Uncategorized

Well things are going.. I’m probably behind schedule, I’ve had a number of delays which has not helped in getting my circuits being completed. So as it stands I am probably behind schedule and nothing can be done until I finish my circuits and soldering more or less.

I got a little further on the circuits last week with Mark, we figured out how to get the switch going, it just needs more current than we were giving it. Here are a few pictures of the new circuit layouts, we attached a motor for testing purposes.

dsc00013.JPG dsc00015.JPG



Other than that my presentation went alright, Mark suggested looking into making a Faraday Cage around the speakers I use in order to get around the problem of signal interference. Hopefully it’s not too expensive!

I’ve also posted my Public Presentation Strategy

Tuesday Update: I met up with Mark and we made a lot of progress today in a short period of time! We got the first partof the phone soldering done and the circuits all working!