Week 19 + Reading Week

Posted by BMadmin on Sunday Feb 17, 2008 Under Uncategorized

Well lets see… I am slowly getting back up to speed, but sadly my off-hours have been largely mis-used or squandered this past week. Hopefully this reading week will prove to be productive and give me a little recharge to let me get through all the rest of this project.imga0115.JPG
That being said, this week Mark helped me solder the keypad to my phone so that I could start rigging that up

I also did some shopping for accessories this week and on Saturday met up with Adrienne to look at fabrics.

Here are a few things I scouted out at the army surplus store on Jarvis
Goggles Caseduty belt

Here is a bad quality picture of the type of fabric we are thinking of using for the jacket, I forget if it is a type of vinyl or pleather.

And here is just some other general cool stuff I spotted.
mapcaseCombat Vestdsc00031.JPG

A Mapcase, A Flakjacket, Headphone wire holder (the case Could be used as the ‘hub’ accessory)