Week 20 – DON’T STOP

Posted by BMadmin on Monday Feb 25, 2008 Under Uncategorized

Well to say I had a pleasant Reading Week would be somewhat of a misnomer. I did get to go home and visit with friends and family for a few days, the rest of the time was spent working and clearing out my apartment of a small bedbug infestation I discovered.

The rest of the time was unproductively trying to be productive on my project. I now figure I am about 2 weeks behind schedule and it can go either way right now, but I can’t afford to do something stupid and fry all my circuits or the phone by overworking myself. I just have to use the time I do have to the full potential.

Adrienne has gotten the material I have chosen for the jacket and has started drafting it out and Kent has been kind enough to provide me with a concept sketch I can pass along to the Curatorial Group for their promotional materials.


I went out and bought some gear today and will probably be doing so as much as possible this week.

belt 1belt 2belt 3
Here is a collection of belt accessories I bought today.

This is a welder’s glove that I painted matte black for the left hand cell module. I think I may end up cutting the fingers out of it so I can have a little more dexterity and avoid my hand getting all sweaty.

I did manage to have a successful test in building a simple Faraday Cage out of some tinfoil. So hopefully the rest of the audio comes together now that I don’t have to worry as much about interference.


feb meetingKent drew this for me today to submit to the Curatorial Team for their promotional materials! I really like it, this is definitely an inspiration to getting the project completed. I also had a very good meeting with Mark today as well. We resolved a small issue with with my keypad prototype and did a little more soldering on some buttons. He also gave me some really good advice about how to secure my components in a project box and use Molex wiring to keep everything in place and secure.

Here is the link Kim


wire phone Here is the phone all put back together with all the wires secured (hopefully) with hot-glue, Thanks Jordy!

white board Here is my white board in my room, it’s sort of how the project is being put together, what is needed, etc.